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We are excited to announce we’re now stocking ProDog Raw dog food.

We will be stocking their range of raw food.

As we have just launched stock will vary please do get in touch if you would like to order and how much you would require. Email purtonpetsupplies@gmail.com or use are contact form.

Please find below price list.

ProductsPrice 500g1kg
80:10:10 Chicken With Offal £3.10£5.60
80:10:10 Beef & Chicken with Offal £3.30£5.80
80:10:10 Lamb With Offal £3.80£6.80
80:10:10 Rabbit With Offal   £3.95£6.95
80:10:10 Duck With Offal  £3.80£6.80
80:10:10 Beef With Offal   £3.30£5.80
80:10:10 Beef & Green Tripe With Offal £3.30£5.80
80:10:10 Turkey & White Fish With Offal £3.30£5.80
Complete Beef With Green Tripe  £3.10£5.60
Complete Beef With Offal £3.10£5.60
Complete Chicken With Green Tripe  £2.80£4.90
Complete Turkey With Offal £3.10£5.60
Complete Turkey & White Fish £3.10£5.60
Complete Duck £3.60£6.60
Complete Lamb With Offal   £3.60£6.60
Complete Rabbit £3.60£6.60
Complete Chicken £2.80£4.90
Complete Beef & Chicken £3.10£5.60
Exotic Venison 500g £3.60 
Exotic Wild Boar With Offal 500g £3.60 
Exotic Goose With Offal 500g £3.60 
Exotic Goat 500g £3.95 
Puppy Chicken 500g £2.80 
Puppy Chicken With Green Tripe 500g £2.80 
Puppy Beef and Chicken 500g £3.10 
Puppy White Fish & Turkey 500g £3.10 
Economy Core Chicken & Lamb  450g£2.15  
Economy Core Chicken & Fish 450g£2.15  
Economy Core Three Bird Mince 450g£2.15  
Economy Core Beef & Lamb 450g£2.15  

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