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Dog Treats

Please double check what stock is available.

Dem Bones£4.20
Fishcuits £4.00
Gnaw Rolls£4.20
Training Tips£4.20
Fish N Hips £4.20
Pemmikan Kronch£5.95
Gravy Bones 500g£2.50
Gravy Bones 1kg£4.80
Large Bones 10 £1.00
Large Bones 20 £2.00
Peanut Butter Paws ( Biscuits)£3.40
Gourmet Pate In different flavors available 200g – OUT OF Stock£2.75
Pure 100 % Salmon Training Treats £5.50
Pure 100% Duck Training Treats £5.50
Pure 100% Goat Training Treats £5.50
Pure Turkey Coins 50p each
Pure Ostrich Sticks £3.50
Pure Rabbit Sticks £3.50
Pure Venison Sticks £3.50
Pure Chicken Sticks £3.50
Natural Twists £5.50
Braided Lamb £5.50
Lamb Spaghetti£4.99
Beef Tails x10£9.99
Goats Ears x4£6.79
Rabbit Ears x8 (will vary on pack size )£5.99
Dried Tripe £3.99
Ostrich Crisps£6.50
Ostrich Spaghetti£8.99
Cod Bars £2.30
Dental Bones £4.99
Lamb & Rosemary Hide Bone 17cm£4.50
Duck & Apple Hide Bones 17cm£3.20
Cod / Salmon Skin Bones £2.50
Hide Bones 12cm £2.00
17cm £3.00

Verm X Wormer

We are also a stockist of Verm-X for dogs. A natural way to help with your dog’s intestinal hygiene control.

Verm X 325g£21.50
Verm X 650g£28.00
Verm X 1.3kg£50.00

* Must call to order in advance ….

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