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Dog Health

Salmon Oil£13.50
Skinny Shampoo£13.50
Skinny Cream£10.00
Skinny Spray£13.50

Luxury Pet Shampoo / Conditioner

This luxury range features shampoos scented with exotic essential oils.

This range features a green tea conditioner and coconut detangling spray for those long coats. These shampoo and conditioners are all suited for dog or cats with extra sensitive skin. (shown in white bottles)

Orange Blossom Rejuvenation£6.75
Peppermint With energising peppermint for a lasting fresh scent£6.75
Juniper With cleansing juniper extract to detoxify£6.75
Ylang Ylang With a relaxing ylang ylang for a floral scent£6.75
Jojoba With moisturising jojoba for shine£6.75
Dog Conditioner Green Tea With stimulating green tea for a smooth coat£6.75
Dog Detangler Coconut With coconut for a silky coat£6.75

Dog Shampoo

Mixture of flavours and scents great for all coat types. 20 washes per bottle.

Tropical Fruits£3.75
Tea Tree Oil£3.75


Universal Slicker – Medium£6.10
Universal Slicker – Large£7.25
Hedgehog Slicker – Medium£6.00
Hedgehog Slicker – Large£7.00

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